Welcome To May: What to Expect In 2019


    We are getting closer to summer every day in the month of May! By the end of the month, high temperatures are typically in the mid-70s! I think anyone would swap our negative degree highs this past winter for some of those! Check out our latest blog for the details on this month’s trend and some important events this month!

    PRECIPITATION: Rain is a familiar form of precipitation in the month of May. On average, we will see about 3.36″ of rain in the Twin Cities. Snowfall wise (yes it can still snow in May 🙂 ) is less than a trace of an inch. Which is good, especially after our big storms this past winter! The graphic below shows the average and record monthly precipitation totals for May.

    TEMPERATURES: May is a month of warming temperatures and mild weather! Typically, we start the month in the mid 60s for highs and end in the mid 70s. Our morning lows jump roughly 10° from 44° on May 1st to 54° on May 31st. Average doesn’t mean much for Minnesota, I think we can all agree on that… we can get warm and super cold as well! Our record high is 98° set back in 2013 with a crisp frigid 18° set in 1967.

    2019 OUTLOOK: This year is looking to be a little cooler than average and a little bit wetter than average for May in 2019. The maps below show the precipitation and temperature outlook from the Climate Prediction Center. The CPC (Climate Prediction Center), is predicting cooler than average and wetter than average conditions for the month of May. That doesn’t mean it will be cold and raining the entire month, it just means compared to average we may see cooler than average temperatures and a little more or less rainfall this month.

    HOLIDAYS: May also brings us three major holidays for the month. Starting with Mother’s Day on May 12th, Armed Forces Day on May 18th, and Memorial Day on May 28th. Also mixed in is typical some college graduations like usual!

    PHOTOS: Remember, we enjoy to see your weather pictures from around the state of Minnesota, send them to us at or post them on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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